Friday, June 14, 2013

Spotted: Wonderful blog post about Spot 6 Management!

Here at Spot 6 Management we could not be more proud of our “Spot” Michelle S. Not only is she a breathtaking model and superb blogger, she also owns her own line of under-shirts called Nudy Patooty! With undoubtedly an amazing career and life ahead of her, we were so touch when stumbling upon a blog post she wrote about Spot 6 Management! Be sure to read what wonderful and lovely things she says about owner Cynthia Cully as well as agents David and Sonya below!

Spotted: A Model Moment
Posted on June 11, 2013

Not every road we take leads us to the place we intended to go, but it always leads us to the place we are meant to be.

As fate would have it, two months before I left my finance job I ran into my old modelling agent (who is also a friend but I hadn’t seen her in a few years) at a launch party.  She had started her own agency a few years prior and even though I was working full time on a trading desk she wanted to talk about me joining her roster just to see what would happen.  It wasn’t until I left my job that we actually did meet for a coffee to talk.  I had no idea what I wanted to do next, all I knew was that I needed something different than the position I was in before.  I knew that if I went into a similar role in the same industry in the same city than I would end up just as uninspired and in the same grind as before.  And while I had no idea what I wanted to do next, I knew that wasn’t it.  Knowing what you don’t want is often the first step to finding what you do want.

I signed with Spot 6 not thinking that I was going to model for the rest of my life, or that this was going to be my next career, but because I had a feeling that it was taking me in the right direction.  I wanted to travel and live in different cities, and modelling was an avenue to do that.  I love the fashion world, and modelling was a way to explore that.  And you never know, maybe I’d get to do some cool work along the way.  But the most important thing that came from me signing with Spot 6 was reconnecting with Cynthia.  She has become a mentor to me, not only because she is a very successful entrepreneur who has built her own agency and a top notch reputation in the fashion world, but because she opened my eyes to all the possibilities outside the corporate world.  Cynthia saw in me before I did the need I had to develop my creative side.  We have talked many times about the success and fulfillment, both personally and financially, that can be found outside the traditional professional careers and these conversations inspired me to continue to explore rather than fall back into the familiar corporate world.  I still turn to her for support and advice as I build my business, I highly value her views on life, love and careers and I am truly grateful to have such an inspirational woman as a mentor and a friend.

I also value the relationships I’m made with her team at the agency, David and Sonya, and they have been incredibly supportive of my journey and new business.  The most valuable part of many experiences is the people you meet along the way.  When you build relationships that will last beyond the experience then regardless of whether it turned out as you hoped or not you still come out of it with something truly special.

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